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More Reasons to Join SLISBA

  • Tax Deductible Membership Fee and Sponsorship donations

  • Business Support including Technical Assistance from International Agencies and Consultants

  • Special Business related Training Programmes

  • Membership Certificate (Membership Claim on company's stationery)

  • Representation on Government Committees & Statutory Boards

  • Free Business Counseling from Secretariat Staff

  • Office Support Services, Emails, Faxes, Correspondence, etc.

  • Display/Information on Members' Goods and Services

  • Business Information Support including identifying Sources of Supplies through Computer Searches

  • Cash-flow Assistance

  • Import Bulk Buying

  • Special Discounts from established businesses

  • Barter Deals among members and non members

  • SLISBA Annual Exhibition - Goods & Services - March/April

  • SLISBA Website with members' links

  • Regular Business Alerts

  • Quarterly Ezine/Newsletter March/April, June/July, September/October & December/January

  • Participation in SLISBA YAHOO Group Forum

  • Invitation to Lectures on business/community related programmes

  • Subscription to Entrepreneurial Library

  • Business Networking at the local, regional and international level.

  • Group Participation in Trade Missions and Exhibitions

  • Group Travel Discounts- SLISBA Annual Cruise - October/November 3 / 4 Days

  • Quarterly Network Luncheons (Feature Address) & Cocktails (Business Introductions)

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